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The power of your customers imagination at your fingertips

The power of your customers imagination at your fingertips

Messages on Flowers is the edge your company is looking for. The service you may offer that brings the market to your door delighted to buy. Every flower can be unique, as your customer's imigination. The flowers express the messages they wanted to say and you provide the service.

Gaining Market Share Has Never Been Easier

Gaining Market Share Has Never Been Easier

Provide a service that is unique to your Market!

Grow your revenues, constantly

Grow your revenues, constantly

Messages on Flowers.com offers new technology that allows every floral professional to offer a service that before could only been achieved by very expensive machines costing thousands of dollars.

Our bio-marker pen "Bioflor" (floral pencil) was developed in Germany specifically for writing inscriptions, drawings, greetings, wishes on the petals of fresh and cut flowers. Available in gold and silver. 

 Bio-markers are filled with a special paint, which has 100% water resistance and 100% resistance to mechanical stress . 

 The thickness of the rod bio-marker 0.9 mm!

This makes it possible to put elegant inscriptions and patterns on the petals of any size. 
 The stem of the Bio-marker is not metallic! Does not scratch and does not damage the delicate surface of the petal, but the special composition of the paint is absolutely harmless to flowers, the petal with the inscription does not darken and does not fade.

 The tip pen does not need to be sharpened , we sell floristic markers fully ready for use, an indisputable advantage over other  products


 One Bio-marker marker lasts an average of 200-300 inscriptions (depending on the size of the inscription). That is correct one pen can produce inscriptions for an average of 250 flowers. You are not only selling the messages but more of your primary product, flowers!

 Suitable for inscription on flowers of any kind, color, size. Individuality. You can put any message, name, date, congratulation, wish, declaration of love. 


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